My brother Brandon flew into town this week, and we had our sights set on some Southern Utah fun. We hit up the Kolob Fingers on our way to St. George Thursday night. After a long night shooting the crap with Alan and Sarah in St. George, B and I set out for a little canyon north of St. George. It was short and sweet.

Rim Hiking
Looking back upcanyon from the rim.


B Rapping Yankee Doodle
Here is B on the first and only rap. It was about around 100 feet, almost a cathedral. Not a bad start…




There were a few fun downclimbs, couple of off-width moves. Here is B stretching for a knee jam.




After about an hour, we found the team mascot, Sally Mander. It was nearly frozen in a pothole. B heroically rescued it and left in the sun to warm back up.



Dan Rap
Getting ready for the first rap.


Sunset at the Kolob Fingers.