I spent most of my free time over the long weekend following the elk in Provo canyon. Unfortunately, the winter has been really hard on the animals. That’s good and bad for viewing them. It means that most of the elk are much lower than typical winters, so they are easy to find. The bad is that they are very stressed right now, and the temptation to get close to them is overwhelming for some people. There were a couple of really good days where some big bulls would’ve photographed nicely, but they never did come closer than about 150 yards. So this is my best efforts from the few days. If you are curious and go up to view these animals, please be respectful and view them from the road. The last thing they need is to be pushed all around exerting energy they don’t have. Most images are with a 600 f4 and 2x teleconverter on a 40D, and heavily cropped.