Frozen Kaleidoscope

When spring feels like winter, carry more neoprene

Death Valley Canyons

I’ve never rappelled so much in my life.

FreezeFest VIII – Black Hole

Remember when the original GoPro seemed like an amazing piece of kit?

Freeze Fest VIII

Tunneling through snow-filled slot canyons in the name of tradition

Return to Poe

Penance for a failed ghosting attempt a month earlier

Escaping the Pit of Despair

A Failed Attempt at Ghosting Poe and Happy Dog


Of Pits and Pendulums


Wasatch 3-Wilderness

35 mile solo backpacking trip through Mt. Olympus, Twin Peaks, and Lone Peak...

Denali – Wonder Lake

3 days of camping at Wonder Lake in Denali National Park, hoping to photograph...