Backpacking the Uinta High Route

70 Miles, 8 off-trail passes, and 20,000 vertical feet of High Uinta backpacking.


Backpacking the Wind River High Route

Backpacking the Uinta Highline Trail

85 miles across the High Uintas

Elkhart Park – Wind Rivers

A walk in the mountains in memory of Phil

A Lost Trail?

Linking up a Faded Route Between Allsop and Priord Lakes

Middle Basin

Taking the shortcut to one of the Uinta’s most beautiful zones

Amethyst Basin

Mid-July and still buried in snow

The Khumbu

Three Passes Trek to Everest Base Camp

The Annapurnas

Classic trek in the heart of the Nepal Himalaya

Wasatch 3-Wilderness

35 mile solo backpacking trip through Mt. Olympus, Twin Peaks, and Lone Peak wilderness areas in the Wasatch. Approximately 15,000 vertical over 3 nights.

Wrangell St. Elias

A 5 day fly-in, fly-out, backpacking trip across the Sanford Plateau in Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

Kalalau Trail

I hate helicopters.

Wilder Lake

Backpacking with kids is funny.


Ephemeral – Packrafting Utah

Packrafting Utah’s Desert Rivers | Spring 2019

High-Flow Experiment

40,000 cfs at Crystal Rapid in Grand Canyon National Park.

Packrafting the Middle Fork

A Low Water Booze Cruise, With None of the Booze.

Escalante Packrafting

As the Water Drops, the Stoke Rises

The Grand Canyon

My First View of the Greatest Playground On Earth


One-Trick Pony

The story of a canyoneer, public lands, and a totally absurd New Year’s tradition in Bears Ears National Monument.

Best Canyon Ever?

A Descent of Heaps Canyon in Zion National Park

Boss Hawg

Quick weekend trip through a North Wash classic


A Rim to Rim Exploration in Grand Canyon


The heinous approach is almost worth it

Ouray Canyoning

Stoke-O-Broke-O: The Big Deuce

Kolob Creek

Garden Creek

If any slot in Grand Canyon could be considered a trade route, this is it

Dog Days in the Ditch

Back to the Grand Canyon

Glen Canyon Slots

A week on the pond

Grand Canyoneering

30 days, 22 slots.

FreezeFest IX

The Bad Idea that Caught On

Canyoning Nepal

Obscured By Clouds

Explorations make me nervous

Frozen Kaleidoscope

When spring feels like winter, carry more neoprene

Death Valley Canyons

I’ve never rappelled so much in my life.

FreezeFest VIII – Black Hole

Remember when the original GoPro seemed like an amazing piece of kit?

Freeze Fest VIII

Tunneling through snow-filled slot canyons in the name of tradition

Return to Poe

Penance for a failed ghosting attempt a month earlier

Escaping the Pit of Despair

A Failed Attempt at Ghosting Poe and Happy Dog


Of Pits and Pendulums

Bears Ears – Cedar Mesa – North Wash

Technical canyons of the White Canyon Complex


The Dirty Devil and a Deserted Puppy

Roamin’ the Roost

Kolob Creek

Chasing Autumn in the Zion Backcountry

FreezeFest 6

Emperial Birthday Bash


Escalante Slots

Frosted Flakes

30 & Fabulous


Short but oh so sweet


Zero G

PNW Fest

Quandary Yo-Yo

The Squeeze

Pine Creek IV

Das Boot

Pandora’s Box


Holy Sh@t Rap

Eye of the Needle




Narrows & Pine Creek

East Fork Pasture

High Spur

Pine Creek

Yankee Doodle


Lake Blanche

8 Peaks: Timpanogos

8 Peaks: Lone Peak

8 Peaks: Cascade

8 Peaks: Box Elder

8 Peaks: Mt. Nebo

8 Peaks: Provo


Lake Blanche


Denali – Wonder Lake

3 days of camping at Wonder Lake in Denali National Park, hoping to photograph the elusive North Face of Denali.

Denali April ’09

Great Salt Lake


9 days of hiking and photography on the beautiful island of Kauai, including 4 nights on the Kalalau trail.

North Rim Grand Canyon

Denali Highway

Denali Highway, Fall of 2008

Denali Part II



King for a Day

Fishing for king salmon in Eastern Alaska’s Klutina River, near Copper Center.

Yellowstone Wildlife

Primrose Dall Sheep

Denali Moose Rut

Denali Wolves

Denali, Part I

Denali Part II

Chena River State Park

Provo Canyon Elk & Moose

Barn Owls

Eagles at Farmington Bay II

Provo Deer

Rock Canyon Bighorn

Farmington Bay Eagles